Yumi Umemura

Art of Dining

How exciting it would be to create an atmosphere of your choice on the table ! Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese... or decorate your table as if on the beach, in the garden, or on a boat... imagination is infinite. Not only table decoration, but tips on making napkin rings, candle stands and flower arrangements are being introduced along with cooking lessons.


Yumi Umemura specializes not only in cooking, but also table decoration to match themes according to the seasons and also special occasions. Her Japanese cooking classes entitled " Entertaining with a Japanese flavor" were held for several years at the "American Club of Tokyo" and were very popular. She introduced not only authentic Japanese cooking, but also Japanese western style cuisine, which could be easily adopted by foreigners. Her ideas on table decorations are enjoyed also by those who are interested in flower arrangements and Japanese handicrafts.

Japanese cooking lessons and Japanese table decoration classes can be arranged at her residence in Setagayaku, Tokyo or at other locations upon request.

For the benefit of Japanese food lovers, questions on Japanese cooking and ingredients may be answered for you . It is her sincere wish to promote further understanding of the Japanese culture through her cooking and table decoration classes.




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